The tradition of documentary filmmaking is grounded in revealing truths, large and small, about the world we live in.
Whether about extraordinary people, or ordinary people being extraordinary, these stories create human connections because they reveal something about why we are the way we are, and why we do the things we do.
Approached with journalistic rigour, documentary can be a pure distillation of the human experience, making it the most authentic genre of filmmaking.
At Marshlandia, we believe documentary content is the ideal storytelling medium for a brand looking to genuinely connect with customers. It can help you show – in a compelling, emotive and authentic way –  that what is important to your audience also matters to your brand. This common ground is fertile territory from which a wider conversation can grow.
We are passionate about the form, with a long history of creating factual content, including major network ob-docs, feature documentaries, segment-based broadcast programs, full-length digi-docs, as well 100’s of documentary-style content pieces for brands.

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