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Five questions to ask when investing in filmed content

– If your organisation is investing in filmed content at scale, is the best investment of your time in finding the cheapest production partner, or formulating the smartest strategy?

– When you’re commissioning a filmed content project, is “how much is this going to cost?” the best way to start the conversation, or is there a smarter way?

– When you’re considering a partner for your filmed content program, is your above-the-line agency your best option, or could an agile specialist be a smarter way to go?

– When you’re thinking about what you want your filmed content to do, is “go viral” the only benchmark that matters, or are there more measures of success you should consider?

– Is going low-budget for a single-channel piece of filmed content the best way to maximise your ROI, or is an holistic approach to a program of work that considers every channel a smarter way?

Utilising our proprietary strategic framework, we can develop a content plan with stretch across channels and through tiers, which spreads your total investment over a program of content, over a period of time.
We feel this is the best way to deliver maximum value, in terms of the quality of execution, reaching and connecting with the right audience, and which provides tangible and intangible bang-for-buck.

Andrew Marsh is the principal of Marshlandia.