How to make filmed content worth making.

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For businesses and organisations, the demand for filmed content has grown exponentially in recent times.
But it’s a challenge to get content “right”: to meet the demand in terms of volume, but also deliver content that is relevant and valuable to audiences – and which delivers value to the client commissioning the work.
It’s a challenge compounded by a reduced degree of certainty of success, thanks to the fragmentation of the media environment and radical changes in audience behaviours, all of which places ever-increasing pressure on budgets.
So, how can you ensure the investment you make is worthwhile?
We believe the answer lies in taking an holistic approach to filmed content, underpinned by creative excellence and best-practice production methodologies.
This starts with identifying all external and internal touch-points for which video is commissioned within an organisation, and reviewing the content for quality and consistency of execution, opportunities for re-purposing, financial outlay, and the investment of time and head-hours in its creation.

Utilising our proprietary strategic framework, we then develop a plan with stretch across channels and through tiers, which spreads the total investment over a program of content, over a period of time.
We feel this is the best way to deliver maximum value, in terms of the quality of execution, reaching and connecting with the right audience, and which provides tangible and intangible bang-for-buck.
In short, it’s how we help clients make filmed content worth making.

Andrew Marsh is the principal of Marshlandia.